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Adel Council annexes racetrack on 4-1 vote

The Adel City Council voted 4-1 on Monday to annex South Georgia Motorsports Park into the city limits of Adel.


The annexation motion included a stipulation that a noise-dampening wall must be built within 365 days. Council Member Michael Purvis asked whether the hours of operation issue for the racetrack would be addressed. However, the motion did not impose any restrictions by the City of Adel on the hours of operation.


Racetrack officials have stated that the County’s regulation of SGMP’s hours to 11 p.m. at the latest is a major reason why they sought annexation by Adel. They maintain that major promoters will not schedule events at SGMP with the 11 p.m. “curfew” and that puts the racetrack’s financial survival at risk. Residents in that area have voiced concern that without such regulation, SGMP will run races into the early morning hours, disrupting the peace and quiet of the citizens’ lives at home.


During Monday’s meeting, Council Member Butch Fausett made a motion, seconded by Council Member Greg Paige, to adopt Ordinance #17-06 for the racetrack annexation with a second reading of the ordinance. After much discussion, Fausett, Paige, and Council Members Vivian Sharpe and Jody Greene voted in favor of the annexation ordinance. Council Member Purvis voted in opposition. The motion passed 4-1.


The City Council also held the second reading of an ordinance to annex William Investment Co.’s property located contiguous to the city limits into the City of Adel. The property to be annexed is located south of Custom Ag Formulators and between the railroad and U.S. Highway 41 to the racetrack. The request was to annex approximately 40 acres into the City of Adel.


Council Member Fausett made a motion, seconded by Council Member Paige, to adopt Ordinance #17-05 for the Williams property annexation. All voted in favor. According to City Attorney Tim Tanner, the annexations become effective Nov. 1, 2017.


By the City annexing the Williams property, the racetrack becomes contiguous to the city limits, and the City is able to annex SGMP without prior permission from the County Commissioners. However, City Attorney Tanner had sent copies of the annexation applications to the Cook County Board of Commissioners. The properties in question were located in unincorporated Cook County. The County had 30 days from receiving the annexation notices to appeal.


The Council was preparing to adopt the annexation of the racetrack when City Attorney Tanner asked if the Council had any discussion on conditions. City Manager John Flythe said city officials and racetrack representatives had discussed construction of a wall, intended to dampen noise, just south of the SGMP drag strip. The Council’s annexation motion includes the conditions that the wall will be 10 feet high, run from east to west 120 feet long, and be a masonry brick structure.


Council Member Sharpe asked if the wall will cut down on noise. SGMP General Manager Chris Davis said the company also plans to build

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